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Banlist & Logs Online

Online Banlist, displayable on mobile/web
Logs for permissions and added/removed ranks
- A little control bonus for your server.

Advanced Stats

Advanced Stats for your server, graphs for users/zincoins/levels/channels and more...

24/7 Support

You may contact us anytime if a problem occurs
Have an ideea? Feel free to give us a feedback!

Trusted System

Auto Rank Assigner, replacement for Guest after a specified duration.
Everything it's automatically, you don't need to lift a finger :D


Integrated Economy, each user gets some ZinCoin(s) and ZinToken(s) based on activity on the server.
These coins can be spend on Level/Coinflip/Blackjack and even transferring!

Leveling System

Levels can be purchased with !level buy, once the user reach a certain level they can get a rank accordingly. Automated setup.

AFK System

Automated AFK, the user can be moved to a specified room if he sleeps on a channel. (Client can deactivate this option by !client autoafk)

Group Auto-Move

You can setup auto-move of certain ranks to a channel (Client can also disable this option via !client automove)

Timeout Safety

Are you in a CS:GO/CS match or even something else and you suddenly get into Timeout? No pressure, ZinGuard automatically moves you to the last seen channel if you reconnect within 5 minutes.

Ban Security

Whoever bans more than X users will be punished.

Move/Spam Protect

Whoever swaps channels a lot, like.. a lot! Will be punished.

Rank Protect

Whoever removes more than X ranks in a short period, will be punished!


Nobody can hide from ZinGuard while playing the Hacker Man, our advanced Anti-VPN System got you covered.

Channel System

Auto Channel Creation with !createchannel channel name, the user will recieve Admin as default.
Also, the channels can be removed automatically if they are inactive after a certain time.

Notification System

Receive e-mails or private messages when something important happens on your TeamSpeak3 Server.